An MG is Born - Episodes 1 to 5

The start of the project - a very rusty 1973 MGB
The start of the project - a very rusty 1973 MGB
Episode 1
Mark Evans embarks on a brand new project, aiming to transform a 1973 Chrome-bumpered MGB Roadster from an unloved rust-bucket into a pristine classic car.

In the first programme Mark tracks down a suitable car for restoration in an old chicken shed in Surrey. The deal done, it's back to his workshop to start the strip down.

Episode 2
In the second episode of An MG is Born, Mark strips the engine down step by step, starts work on the body-work and takes a trip to the Heritage factory where, 20 years after production stopped, new body shells are still being made.

Episode 3
Programme 3 sees Mark continuing to restore his 1973 MGB. While the body is away being bead blasted, it's the turn of the sills and rear axle as Mark replaces the 3-part sill structure, strips and refurbishes the rear axle and dismantles the differential.

Part way through 8 weeks of metalwork
Part way through 8 weeks of metalwork
Episode 4
With the body of Mark's MGB back from the bead blasters, it's easy to see how much restoration work is now needed. New wings are fitted and a new steering rack fitted to the body. Mark also visits a specialist engineering company who are refurbishing the over-drive unit to find out just how it works.

Episode 5
More metalwork as Mark repairs the shell and fits new panels. It's a long hard slog. Meanwhile the engine is being overhauled with a rebore. By the end of the programme the engine is rebuilt and the shell has had its first coat of paint. Phew!